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Stripe Property is a boutique real estate office that specialises in one on one quality real estate services in the Sydney area. Having over 17 years of real estate experience, we have been fortunate enough to build strong relationships with a network of buyers agents, relocation companies, overseas investors and the local communities.

We are confident that you will not find a better team than Stripe Property to handle all aspects of sales and property management as our business is built on truly personalised service, high standards and exceptional work ethic. We have the philosophy of: 
"You have your personal doctor, dentist, accountant and lawyer, why not your own personal real estate agent. We thrive on repeat business, word of mouth and referrals, as this is a proven formula for who we are and confidence that you are choosing the right team to work with you.

Through our unique style and intuitive market insight, our approach successfully connects people to properties. We bring out true emotion in people, which converts a property into a home. At Stripe Property, we are always “here to help”.